Atma Yoga: Be The Change

Two thousand years of wisdom tradition lovingly crafted into bite-sized Yoga experiences that add aliveness and joy to being in the Brisbane CBD:

Yoga On-Ramp
“Yoga for People Who Can’t Do Yoga”

Like 70% of us, you can’t tell left from right (trust me – most of them are faking it); and you certainly can’t touch your toes. “Down dog” is something you tell Red when he jumps on visitors, and you haven’t rocked lycra since the retro 80s office party two years ago – or maybe even since the 80s themselves! 

Ease into yoga in a safe space with our 45-minute Yoga On Ramp class. Wear whatever you want, and know you’re in good company: most of our teachers can’t tell left from right either – and it doesn’t matter. Yoga On-Ramp class times.

“Yoga for Peace of Mind”

Pop in on your lunch hour or after work to cleanse your mind with an experience of Delightenment – equal parts Delight and Enlightenment – that we deliver over 45 minutes. Focused on technique, alignment, slow deep stretch, and meditation, it’s the perfect way to deepen and enliven your yoga practice and your life. Delightenment class times.

Flow State
“Yoga for the Fast Generation”

You grab a coffee on the way to work; swipe left, swipe right; check the news. All around you, frictionless products slide you down the path of least resistance, one 15-second soundbite at a time. 

We’ve got a bite-sized 45-minute Flow State yoga class for you that is addictively habit-forming and – unlike most other things in that category: incredibly good for you. Enter in a rush, leave in a Flow State. Flow State class times.