Atma Yoga

45-minute Yoga Experiences that make a real and profound difference to the quality and experience of Life and are as easy to add to your daily routine as a cup of coffee.

Studio Orientation
“Meet the People, Meet the Place”

The Studio Orientation experience introduces you to the studio and to the space that we create. Find yourself in familiar territory when you attend your first Yoga On-Ramp, Delightenment, or Flow State experience by attending the Studio Orientation beforehand. Bookings essential.

Studio Orientation times

Yoga On-Ramp
“Yoga for People Who Can’t Do Yoga”

Never done Yoga? Like 70% of us, you have to do a double-take to tell left from right; and you certainly can’t touch your toes. No worries!

Ease into yoga in a safe space with our 45-minute Yoga On-Ramp experience. Wear whatever you want, and know you’re in good company: our teachers can’t tell left from right either – and it doesn’t matter.

Yoga On-Ramp times

“Yoga for Peace of Mind”

Pop in on your lunch hour or after work to cleanse your mind with an experience of Delightenment – equal parts Delight and Enlightenment – that we create over 45 minutes. Focused on technique, alignment, slow deep stretch, and meditation, it’s the perfect way to deepen and enliven your Yoga practice and your life.

Delightenment times

Flow State
“Yoga for the Fast Generation”

You grab a coffee on the way to work; swipe left, swipe right; check the newsfeed. It’s easy to slide down the path of least resistance, one 15-second soundbite at a time. We’ve got a bite-sized 45-minute Flow State Yoga experience for you that is also addictively habit-forming and – unlike most other things in that category: incredibly good for you.

Warning: Repeated doses will turn you into a Yoga Rockstar.

Flow State times